About Us

We Are a Professional Trading Company Specializing in Supplying Tricycle Parts And Accessories for Both Fuel And Electric Power.

Our company is located in Luoyang City, Henan Province of China. Had been the national Capital City for 13 dynasties in China’s history, nowadays Luoyang City is not only famous for its Longmen Grottoes and Peony Flower, but also for the advanced Manufacturing industries, among which the Machining capabilities stand out. As a developed industrial city, it owns nation-wide even world-wide famous companies like YTO, CITIC Heavy Industries, LYC and SUNRUI (725).

Moreover, it also owns an Industrial Base with a mature Parts and Accessories Supply Chain particularly for Three-wheeler(Tricycle). Many famous Chinese brands like ZONGSHEN, LONCIN, DAYANG, ZHUFENG(ZF), DAYAUN are greatly enjoying this supply chain to assemble their own tricycles, not mention to other small tricycle-assembling plants. Actually, Luoyang Tricycle Industrial Base takes an important position among the whole China tricycle industry fields for its superior products Cost Performance, which is owed to the lower land cost, lower labor cost but advanced Machining capabilities.

All kinds of Genuine Parts and Accessories (or the same quality) for tricycles from China can be supplied by us. Even if for tricycles not from China, we can make customized production according to the customer’s requirements.

You can have one more optional purchase channel from us and sincerely wish a win-win cooperation!

Why to buy from us?

You can get Genuine Parts (or the same quality) on Chinese brands tricycles, for example, ZONGSHEN tricycle, LONCIN tricycle, DAYUN tricycle, ZHUFENG(ZF) tricycle, DAYANG tricycle, etc.

You can get Genuine Parts (or the same quality) with Better prices than you directly purchase from those Tricycle-Assembling plants

You can enjoy One-Stop Purchase service with flexible order quantities for various kinds of parts and accessories.

You can get Customized parts according to your requirements.

Who can get benefits by purchasing from three wheeler parts manufacturer?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

If you are importing Tricycle KD Parts from China ;

If you are importing and distributing the Tricycle Spare Parts (no matter it is from China or other countries) inside your country;

If you are importing Tricycle CBU from China and need Spare Parts;

If you are doing business related with Tricycle Parts or you are just interested in this kind of business;

You can have one more optional purchase channel from us and sincerely wish a win-win cooperation! Welcome to contact us!