• Tricycle Genuine Parts

    Our product catalogue includes all kinds of tricycle parts for both fuel and electric power.


Competitive Tricycle Genuine Parts

Up to now, we select 17 parts items as our competitive parts. They are produced in Luoyang with better Cost Performance than in other regions of China, and they are from leading factories of each line of business. All these factories are supplying parts for ZONGSHEN, LOCIN, ZHUFENG, DAYANG, etc. Hope these parts can make your business more booming!

Kindly notice that the photo is just to show you more directly what parts we can supply, and for your specific demands of each part, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

The first time how to buy from us?

For any first time purchase, to make your purchase efficient and accurate, some preparations are suggested as the followings:
Please show to us what kind of parts you need by photos and names
We will try to collect more detailed product information from you to define the parts, and your kind feedbacks will be appreciated.
Samples can be sent to you for confirmation. The samples and transportation costs are beard by the buyer firstly and later can be offset from the bulk order payments to the seller.
If samples are ok, formal orders can be proceeded.

What does Genuine Parts mean?

It means the parts are from factories which are engaged as the parts supplier to the famous brands like ZONGSHEN, LONCIN, DAYANG, ZHUFENG(ZF), etc. What we can guarantee is our Genuine Parts are just from such factories. For your demanded tricycle parts, we will try the best to search for the original parts factories. However, in case the parts have to come from factories of our own, we will inform you in advance.

You can have one more optional purchase channel from us and sincerely wish a win-win cooperation can be reached between our two parties.

Buying Skills

Electric/motor tricycle accessories mainly include handlebar brake levers, frame, front and rear tires, car seat barrel, rear axle, motor, a full set of plastic parts, and other spare parts.

Tricycle accessories purchase skills are as follows:

Quality of accessories

If you need to replace new parts when repairing the car, you can choose the quality of this part first, and you must choose the best materials to produce the parts. Even if the price is expensive, but the service life will be long.

Accessories Brand

Taking into account the compatibility of accessories, it is best to directly choose the accessories of the same brand as the tricycle in the purchase, so that the quality of the accessories can also be guaranteed. At the same time, it is guaranteed that the accessories can fully play their role.

Accessories model

There are also subtle differences in the accessory models of different electric vehicles. When you buy, you must choose from the model. You can’t judge by your eyes. Even if there is a difference of one millimeter, the two accessories cannot be substituted for each other.