What are the common types of belt conveyors?

Belt conveyors are usually used for conveying loose materials or finished items. Generally, the models and types are divided according to the conveying materials and the conveying process. In the following content, we have sorted out the four more common types of belt conveyors.

1. Mobile belt conveyor

The mobile belt conveyor is a continuous conveying and loading equipment with high working efficiency, flexible movement and good maneuverability. The mobile belt conveyor can design the use length and lifting height according to the actual situation such as the user’s conveying requirements. The general conveying height can reach 1.2-1.8m according to the belt width and conveying length.

2. Large angle belt conveyor

The freely expandable rubber corrugated vertical “skirt” is glued to both sides of the flat rubber conveyor belt, and the box-shaped bucket is formed by means of a transverse partition with a certain strength and elasticity glued between the skirts, so as to realize the material in the bucket. Medium and continuous conveying, this is the large inclination belt conveyor. In general, the large-inclination belt conveyor is suitable for dispersed powder, granular and fine paste and liquid materials, such as coal, gravel, limestone, sand, clay, sand sintering powder, sawdust, etc.

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