What are the methods of briquetting?

Briquetting is the process of compressing loose biomass materials into a compact, high-density form called a briquette. This process can make it easier to transport, store, and use these materials for various purposes, including as fuel.

Methods of briquetting

briquetting machine

Mechanical press

This method involves using a mechanical press to compress the biomass material into a briquette. The press applies pressure and heat to the material, which causes it to become denser and take on a more uniform shape.

Screw press

This method uses a screw to compress the material into a briquette. The screw rotates and pushes the material through a die, which forms it into the desired shape.

High pressure briquetting machine

Piston press

This method uses a piston to compress the material into a briquette. The piston moves back and forth within a cylinder, compressing the material against a die to form the briquette.

Binder and heat

This method involves mixing the biomass material with a binder and then heating it to a high temperature to form a briquette. The binder helps hold the material together and gives it the necessary strength.

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