The calcium hydroxide production line adopts blades made of special materials and mixing methods, so that the quicklime and water can be mixed evenly and fully reacted. function, it is designed to act to break up the agglomerates created during the reaction.

Our calcium hydroxide production line equipment is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, and ISO18001 employee health management system certification indicators. The company has strong technical force and has a number of technical patents.

In the process of development, it has continuously communicated and cooperated with relevant disciplines, research institutions and universities to continuously develop, optimize and design new products. Our calcium hydroxide production line has the following performance advantages:


Add thermal conversion catalytic system. Use its own thermal energy to heat the digestion water, accelerate the digestion reaction, recover part of the water vapor, and reduce the discharge of water vapor.

The F series integral reducer is adopted, and the main shaft is a through-shaft design. Avoid coaxiality errors causing unbalanced equipment operation.

The leaves of the digester are arranged in a disordered, staggered arrangement. Avoid problems such as torque fluctuations caused by uneven material.

The digestion dust collector adopts the integrated design of digestion and dust removal. The structure is more compact, and the dust removal powder (ultrafine powder) is directly discharged into the tertiary digestion and then enters the powder selection equipment.

The screw conveyor adopts variable pitch conveying. Reduce the conveying resistance and reduce the wear of the screw blades.

The internal blades of the screw conveyor are extruded with NM400 wear-resistant steel plate to ensure the service life.

The interior of the digester is designed with NM400 replaceable stirring gear to reduce equipment wear.

Details can be accessed by clicking here:https://www.ly-gaifeng.com/blog/calcium-hydroxide-production-line-performance.html