What are the reasons for the blockage of the briquetting machine?

The briquetting machine has high operation efficiency, which can not only complete the production quickly, but also ensure the quality. In particular, the briquette briquette machine is related to the quality of the product, so it is necessary to eliminate unfavorable factors as much as possible for the working state of the briquette machine. In the long-term operation, the equipment of the briquetting machine will fail, and the briquetting machine may be blocked. What are the reasons for the blockage of the briquetting machine? Let’s take a look together~

Causes of blockage of the briquetting machine

1. The cutting speed is too fast, so that the production speed is lower than the feeding speed, and it is easy to cause blockage.

2. If the temperature of the material is too high, the humidity will be too high. Once the humidity is too high, the viscosity will inevitably increase, so it is easy to cause the briquetting machine to be blocked.

3. The material is doped with larger particles, therefore, the material cannot pass through the roller, resulting in blockage.
4. The speed of the briquetting machine is too slow, and it is difficult to demould the material. Usually, the speed of the briquetting machine should be maintained at about 10 to 20 rpm.

5. Special mold design will also lead to the difficulty of mold release. For example, rectangle and diamond shape are special. Usually, we need oval and round shape, which is convenient for mold release.

6. The management of materials is not in place, mainly because the coordination and communication of employees are not in place, resulting in uneven delivery of materials.

High Pressure Briquetting Machine

Common faults of briquetting machine equipment

1. No ball or no shape

In the use of briquetting machine equipment, sometimes the phenomenon of non-balling and non-forming occurs. The main reasons are insufficient feed, too low hydraulic pressure, soft roll skin quenching, and ball socket deformation. Insufficient feeding will make the briquetting machine without material to press, so add enough material to the briquetting machine; if the hydraulic pressure is too small, the material will not be fully pressurized. At this time, reduce the speed and increase the pressure. The deformation of the ball socket will make the shape of the material uneven, and it should be repaired or replaced in time.

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