What is the material of the clutch friction disc?

The friction disc is the main component of the tractor clutch, and the physical properties and mechanical properties of its working surface material directly affect the working performance of the clutch. So what are the materials of the clutch friction disc?

The effect of clutch friction disc


1. Transmission of rotational torque

The engine flywheel is the active part of the clutch, and the driven disc and the driven hub containing the friction plate are connected with the driven shaft by the rolling spline shaft. If the spring is clamped, the driven disc is clamped on the end surface of the flywheel of the water pump.

2. Engine torque

That is, it is transmitted to the driven disk by the friction effect between the water pump flywheel and the surface of the driven disk, and then sent to the driving wheel through the driven shaft and a series of components in the transmission system. The greater the clamping force of the spring, the greater the torque that the clutch can transmit.

Material of clutch friction disc

Friction parts are the key components of friction clutches, and the chemical properties and physical properties of the surface materials during their work immediately endanger the working characteristics of the clutch.

Common friction surface materials include powder metallurgy materials, asbestos-based materials, and rock-based materials.

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