What are the requirements for the installation environment of the compact rack? How to maintain it?

The compact rack is mainly used in enterprises, books, archives and other places. It has large storage capacity, large occupied area and good storage quality. In order to better preserve archive data, many companies will choose different racks according to different storage items. For example: base map rack, voucher rack, file rack. So what are the requirements for the installation environment of the dense rack? How to maintain it?

Environmental requirements for rack installation

1. The storage place must be waterproof and moisture-proof, because most of the documents are paper. If they are placed in a humid place, even if they have the functions of moisture-proof and dust-proof, they cannot be stored for a long time.

2. Generally, the suitable temperature for storing files is 14-24°C-2°C, and the relative humidity is 45%-60%-5%. The temperature and humidity within this range are better.

3. The size of the space is limited. The installation of the compact rack requires a large area. If the space is small, the compact rack cannot be placed or moved, and it is inconvenient to take documents.

4. The height of the space during the installation of the compact shelf is 30 cm higher than the height of the actual compact shelf. For example, the height of the compact shelf is usually 2.3 meters, and the height of the archive room during installation should be above 2.6 meters. Lower clearance for installation and air circulation.

Floor load-bearing requirements of the installed floor

1. When installing the rack, it is important to consider the load-bearing of the floor and the floor. The usual rack requires a load of at least 200 kilograms per square meter, and the rack manufacturer will consider the size, placement and user requirements between the documents. needs to determine its weight.

2. Therefore, you must measure it carefully during installation. If it fails to meet the load-bearing standard, you can consider how to reinforce it before you can install it. If the load-bearing of the floor or floor cannot be determined, the load-bearing test of the archives should be carried out in time.

Maintenance method of compact rack

Mobile shelving

1. Avoid collisions

After purchasing the compact rack, you should pay special attention to it. When carrying it, you should put it down gently to avoid contact with hard objects. It can’t be put together with hard objects, and it can’t be moved often after placing it, and the floor must be flat.

2. Clean and dust

When cleaning the stacker, use a cotton cloth and wipe it clean. Use a soft wool brush for dusting in the recessed and embossed patterns on dense shelves.

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