How to maintain the excavator slewing bearing?

The excavator slewing mechanism includes the following parts: slewing motor, reducer, slewing large ring gear, slewing center section and other components. In the daily operation, the daily maintenance of the excavator slewing mechanism should be done well, especially the excavator slewing bearing, otherwise the work efficiency of the excavator will be seriously affected.

Excavator slewing bearing maintenance

Under normal working conditions (working 8 hours a day), the slewing bearing is lubricated once every 100 hours of operation. Before filling the grease nipple or connecting pipe, remove the plastic plug or screw plug from the oil hole.

Lubricate once a week in tropical, humid, dusty, temperature-variable areas and in continuous operation. New grease must also be added before and after the machine has been stopped for a long time. The raceways must be filled with grease each time they are lubricated until a new oil ring is formed at the seal. When injecting grease, turn the slewing bearing slowly so that the grease is filled evenly.

When the excavator runs abnormally (flooded by water, running in mud for a long time, etc.), the slewing bearing should be maintained: inject the required amount of grease for the slewing bearing for the first time, and then inject half the amount every day for a week. The tooth surface should be cleaned of debris every ten days and coated with grease.

Excavator slewing bearing

Note: Because there are many factors in the comprehensive working conditions, users can choose the best original grease according to their specific requirements.

The hydraulic oil maintenance of the rotary motor can be maintained at the same time as the entire hydraulic system, and the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced every 2000 hours. The gear oil of the rotary reducer needs to be replaced once every 1000 hours.

In daily operation, we need to observe the liquid level of the gear oil of the rotary reducer from the dipstick. In some cases, abnormal loss of lubricating oil will be found. We need to open the observation port of the large ring gear (the bottom of the boom cylinder, the grease filling port) , check whether the lubricating oil leaks into the large ring gear cavity through the sealing ring of the rotary reducer.

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