Express Tricycle Being Legalized in More and More Provinces of China

Along with the booming of online purchase, the industry of express post also rises swiftly. As the current most suitable terminal delivery tools, many delivering–electric tricycles (three wheelers) were modified from the agricultural and passengers types, and the lack of tech performance standards leads to the poor safety, illegalized identity and government’s forbid.

Recently, Jiangsu Province is implementing the unified management to the delivering-electric tricycles (three wheeler) from the aspects of appearance, registration, driving license acquiring, commuting route, temporary parking. The Express companies actively accelerate the upgrade of  terminal delivering—electric tricycles (three wheelers), centrally purchasing the electric tricycles (three wheelers) which accord with the nation’s tech standards, and the road transportation administers also offer good services to facilitate the registration, driving license acquiring, commuting route and temporary parking.

It means the delivering-electric tricycles (three wheelers) forbidden to ride on the road previously now acquire a legalized identity. They can run on the city roads legally as long as they meet the relevant regulations with “unified vehicle standards, unified appearance, unified code system, unified insurance, unified safety training, unified platform management”.

Jiansu Province is not the only one to do this, other provinces like Liaoning is also doing the similar things. It is believed that with the regulations implementing, the legalization of delivering-electric tricycles (three wheelers) will cover more regions nationwide, which will bring more stable markets for electric tricycle industry.