What are the factors that affect the fuel consumption of concrete mixer trucks?

In the operating cost of concrete enterprises, the proportion of fuel consumption of concrete mixer trucks is as high as 53%. How to reduce fuel consumption has become an urgent problem for enterprise managers to improve. In this regard, the tank car sales manufacturers have made a detailed introduction to the important factors affecting fuel consumption, hoping to help you better.

Factors affecting the fuel consumption of concrete mixer trucks:

concrete mixer truck

The fuel economy factor of the mixer truck 1: The use of the mixer truck 

The main factors affecting the fuel economy in terms of use are to keep the technical condition of the concrete mixer truck in good condition and the correct driving operation. Mainly as follows:

a. Correct technical maintenance and adjustment

The adjustment and maintenance of the mixer truck will affect the performance of the engine and the driving resistance of the mixer truck, and have a considerable impact on the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. Therefore, the correct technical maintenance and adjustment will have a great impact on the fuel economy of the mixer truck.

First of all, keep the engine in good technical condition. Maintain and inspect the oil supply system, air intake system and lubrication system to prevent oil leakage, and timely check the precipitation and impurities in the filter. When the air filter is not smooth, the fuel consumption will increase by about 3%. “Three filters” for maintenance to maintain the correct temperature of the engine cooling system.

In terms of chassis, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and adjustment of each assembly to maintain proper sliding ability and reduce fuel consumption. The sliding ability of the cement tanker is often evaluated by the sliding distance, and the sliding distance can be used to check the technical condition of the chassis.

The positioning of the front wheel of the mixer truck, the adjustment of the gap of the brake, the tire pressure, the tightness of each bearing, the clearance of the moving friction part and the lubrication quality will have a great impact on the movement resistance of the mixer truck, and must be adjusted and maintained according to regulations.

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