What are the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing?

In fact, when it comes to the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing, there are many factors that work together to affect the life of the bearing. Many of these factors are difficult to express in a quantitative way and have a direct relationship with the bearing life, but in most cases, it also has a more or less impact on the bearing life from the side. For this problem, slewing bearing manufacturers start from the production and use of bearings. A detailed analysis of the factors affecting the life of the slewing bearing.


slewing bearing

1. Structural design

The design structure of the slewing bearing includes rolling elements, inner and outer rings, and cages. In the design, the diameter of the rolling elements, the number of rolling elements, the wall thickness of the ring, the effective length of the rolling contact, the tightness and the convexity of the contact surface of the raceway should be considered. shape and size. At the same time, the chemical composition of bearing production materials, oxides, impurities, gases and other factors have an impact on bearing performance and life.

2. Processing technology

The impact of bearing processing technology on bearing performance and life is a more critical part. In the process of bearing manufacturing and processing, the hardness, metallographic structure, burn, bump and surface roughness of the working surface of the bearing, the shape of the surface busbar, the thickness of the ring wall, the poor grouping of parts, the accuracy of the roller guide surface, the bearing clearance, the parts Cracks, residual magnetism and residual stress on the surface of the parts will also affect the life of the bearing.

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