What kind of product packaging is the valve bag packaging machine mainly used for?

With the continuous development of the economy, many companies engaged in the production of packaging equipment have developed more new packaging equipment in order to better meet the needs of various production industries, so as to better promote the development of various industries. Among many relatively new packaging equipment, the valve bag packaging machine is a relatively new type of packaging equipment, and at the same time it can drive the rapid development of the packaging industry. For this new type of equipment, let’s follow the relevant manufacturers to learn how to use this equipment to make more efficient packaging production for those products.

HT120-IIIASF Paper Tube Machine

Packaging principle of valve bag packaging machine

1. This type of packaging equipment mainly uses the motor as the most basic packaging power source to drive the impeller at the discharge seat to make it rotate smoothly, so as to achieve the purpose of evenly delivering the goods.

2. During the process of loading the goods into the weighing bag, the sensor contained in it will transmit the signal of the entire cargo volume to the microcomputer. When the weight reaches the weight signal that the microcomputer needs to output, the sealing cylinder of the package will The discharge port is sealed, and the filling process of a single packaging bag is completed at this moment.

3. After the sealed cylinder of the loaded material shrinks, and the packaging of the entire packaging bag is completed, the discharge nozzle will recover unobstructed.

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