What are the commonly used forging equipment?

In forging processing, forging equipment is mainly used for metal forming and metal separation, so it can also be called metal forming machine tool. The forming principle of forging equipment is to exert pressure on the metal, and the large impact force is the main feature of this type of equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the personal safety of operators, various safety protection devices will be installed on the equipment.

There are many types of forging equipment, which can be divided into forming equipment and auxiliary equipment. The forming equipment includes forging hammers, mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, screw presses, and flat forging machines. machine etc. In the current processing industry, hammer forging equipment, hot die forging press, screw press, flat forging machine, hydraulic press, etc. are commonly used forging equipment in forging workshops.

forging equipment


Among the forging equipment, the most widely used equipment is the non-forging hammer. When the forging hammer is working, after the high-speed movement generates kinetic energy through the falling of the heavy hammer or the processing external force, the processed blank is forged to plastically deform the product. The forging hammer has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible work, wide application and easy maintenance, and can be used for free forging and die forging.


Hot die forging press is a very commonly used high-precision forging equipment in modern forging production. It can be used to produce The forgings produced by this processing method have higher precision and can be It uses raw materials to a greater extent, has a high degree of automation, and is easy to operate, which greatly improves the production efficiency of products. It is widely used in automobiles, ships, aviation, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, hardware tools and other manufacturing industries.

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