What are the advantages of plant grow racks over agricultural systems?

The plant grow rack is a high-efficiency agricultural system that realizes the annual continuous production of crops through high-precision environmental control in the facility. In a limited space, scientists use computers to precisely control the temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide concentration, nutrient solution and other environmental conditions required for plant growth and development to obtain high-quality, high-yield agricultural products. So what are the advantages of growing racks over traditional farming systems?


That is to say, intensive production reflects the overall comprehensive benefits of resources, technology and labor, improves the material output per unit area, and alleviates the contradiction between food supply and demand. The plant growth rack adopts a three-dimensional planting method, compresses the area of ​​the equipment to expand the planting area, and effectively utilizes the indoor space and equipment space through reasonable hole design.

Grow racks


That is to fully tap the potential of agricultural and industrial by-products, light, water and other resources, ease the contradiction between man and land, ease the conflict between grain and cash crops, vegetables, fruits, etc. for land, improve the utilization rate of resources, and improve the utilization rate of artificial auxiliary functions. usage efficiency. Take lettuce as an example, it takes about 40 days to mature under natural conditions, but only about 20 days in a plant factory. At the same time, because of multi-layer cultivation, on the same area of ​​land, the output of plant factories can reach dozens or even hundreds of times that of conventional cultivation.

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