What should be paid attention to when installing a linear vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen is a multifunctional screening and grading machine. It is widely used in mining, coal, smelting, motor installation process, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry and other industries. It has the advantages of large output and high precision. About linear vibrating screen how much do you know about the installation?

What should be paid attention to when installing the linear vibrating screen?

Install the vibrating motor of the linear vibrating screen, the connecting screws must be tightened before use, especially three days before the trial of the new screen machine, it must be tightened repeatedly to avoid loosening and causing accidents; vibration damping spring: prevent vibration from being transmitted to the ground, and at the same time support the screen box The full weight, when installed, the spring must be perpendicular to the ground; screen frame: made of pine or wood with less deformation, mainly used to keep the screen flat and achieve normal screening;

Screen: There are several kinds of screens such as low carbon steel, brass, bronze, stainless steel wire, etc.; Bracket: It is composed of four pillars and two channel steels, supporting the screen box. When installing, the pillars must be vertical to the ground. The channel steel should be parallel to each other; screen box: it is welded by several steel plates with different thicknesses, has certain strength and rigidity, and is the main component of the screen machine.

The linear vibrating screen motor should have reliable grounding. There is a grounding device inside the motor, and the lead end has a mark. It can also be grounded with strong bolts on the foot; the motor should be fastened on the installation surface, and the installation surface must be smooth and flat; the motor can be installed horizontally. ;Adjustment of excitation force; The motor lead wire adopts four-core rubber cable, and the lead wire cable is not allowed to have sharp bends when connected to the power supply, and it is reliably fixed with the vibrating body.

Installation steps and methods of linear vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen

1. The linear vibrating screen should be checked before installation

(1) Whether the packaging is complete and undamaged, and whether it is damp;

(2) Whether the motor is deformed or damaged during transportation, whether the parts are complete, and whether the fasteners are loose or falling off;

(3) Whether the motor nameplate data meet the requirements;

For more detailed information about the installation precautions of the linear vibrating screen, please click to visit:https://www.hsd-industry.com/news/precautions-for-installing-linear-vibrating-screen/