What are the types of screw bearings?

Screw bearings are a type of rolling element bearing designed to support axial loads, often in conjunction with rotating screws or shafts. These bearings are commonly used in machinery and equipment where precise axial movement and load support are required.

Screw bearings types

Spindle Bearings

Ball Screw Bearings: Ball screw bearings utilize ball bearings to support axial loads and facilitate smooth, low-friction movement along the screw shaft. They consist of an inner race, an outer race, and a cage assembly containing precision-ground balls. Ball screw bearings are known for their high efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability, making them ideal for applications requiring precise linear motion control, such as CNC machines, robotics, and precision manufacturing equipment.

Roller Screw Bearings: Roller screw bearings use cylindrical rollers instead of balls to support axial loads. These rollers have a greater contact area with the screw shaft, allowing for higher load capacities and improved resistance to shock and vibration. Roller screw bearings are commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as hydraulic presses, injection molding machines, and aerospace actuators.

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