What are the specifications of the single deck banana screen

single deck banana screen is a type of vibrating screen that is characterized by a curved or banana-shaped deck surface. It is designed to handle high-capacity applications and provide efficient screening and classification of materials. The unique shape of the deck allows for increased screening area and improved material distribution, leading to higher throughput and better separation efficiency.

Single deck banana screen specifications

High Frequency Dehydration Vibrating Screen


Screen length: The length of the vibrating screen, typically measured in millimeters or inches.

Screen width: The width of the screen deck, determining the screening area.

Deck Design

Banana shape: The deck surface is curved or banana-shaped, with a steeper inclination towards the discharge end. This design allows for better material stratification and increased screening efficiency.

Number of decks: A single deck banana screen has one screen surface. However, multiple decks can be incorporated for finer classification and separation.

Linear vibrating screen

Motion and Operation

Vibrating mechanism: The type of vibrating motion generated by the screen, which can be circular, linear, or elliptical.

Drive type: The method used to generate the vibrating motion, such as electric motor, magnetic vibrator, or eccentric shaft.

Inclination angle: The angle at which the screen deck is inclined, which affects the material flow and screening efficiency.

For more detailed information about the specifications of the single deck banana screen, click here: https://www.hsd-industry.com/news/single-deck-banana-screen-specifications/