What is the price of square bottom paper bag machine

square bottom paper bag making machine is a type of machine used to produce square bottom paper bags. These bags are commonly used for shopping, packaging, and carrying goods. The machine typically consists of several components, including:

Paper roll stand: The roll stand holds the paper roll, which is fed into the machine for bag production.

Printing unit (optional): Some machines have a printing unit that can print designs or logos on the paper before it is formed into bags.

Gluing unit: The gluing unit applies adhesive to the paper to create the bag’s square bottom.

Tube forming unit: The tube forming unit folds the paper into a tube and seals it with glue.

HD100-ID Square Bottom Machine

Bottom forming unit: The bottom forming unit folds and seals the bottom of the bag to create the square bottom.

Cutting unit: The cutting unit cuts the paper tube into bags of the desired length.

Collection unit: The finished bags are collected in a stack or placed onto a conveyor belt for further processing.

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