What is mobile storage rack?

mobile storage rack, also known as a mobile shelving system or mobile storage system, is a type of shelving or storage solution that is designed to maximize space efficiency and storage capacity by allowing the shelves to move horizontally on tracks or rails. This system is particularly useful in environments where space is limited or where there is a need for high-density storage.

Features and components of a mobile storage rack system

Shelving Units

Mobile storage racks consist of multiple shelving units that are mounted on carriages or platforms with wheels. These shelving units can be either open or closed, depending on the specific storage requirements.

Tracks or Rails

The shelving units are placed on tracks or rails that are installed on the floor. These tracks enable the shelving units to move horizontally, either manually or electronically.

Handles and Controls

For manually operated mobile storage racks, handles or handwheels are provided on the end of each shelving unit. Users can easily move the shelves by turning the handles. In electronic systems, controls and a motorized mechanism are used to move the shelves with the push of a button.

Safety Features

Mobile storage racks are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents, such as locks to secure the shelves in place when not in use and sensors to detect obstructions or personnel in the aisle.


The space between the rows of mobile storage racks is referred to as the aisle. These aisles can be adjusted in width by moving the shelving units, allowing access to specific shelves as needed.

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