What should I pay attention to in tractor clutch repair?

Between the tractor’s engine and the gearbox, there is a key component that can be used to separate the power from the engine crankshaft to realize the tractor’s parking and shifting. This is the protagonist of our article today: the tractor clutch, the overload protection function of the tractor clutch, can Make the starting of the tractor more stable.

As we all know, the clutch transmits torque by friction. The longer it is used, the more serious the friction damage will be. However, in the normal use of the tractor, the use of the tractor clutch is very frequent. If you do not pay attention to the tractor clutch repair, once the parts are worn out , resulting in the inability to transmit torque reliably, which will affect the normal use of the tractor. Therefore, we need to regularly troubleshoot the tractor clutch and deal with possible problems in a timely manner. Here, we will briefly talk about the tractor. When the clutch is repaired, the maintenance points of each component.

tractor clutch

1. Maintenance of tractor clutch drive plate

The active disc of the tractor clutch, including the clutch pressure plate and the intermediate pressure plate, many manufacturers will use high-quality gray cast iron or ductile iron as the main raw material for these parts. The main damages of the active disc are mostly wear, scratches, burns and cracks on the friction surface; warpage and deformation of the friction surface; breakage of the lugs of the very engaging clutch, and increase of the bearing clearance due to wear; The pin fit gap is loose due to wear, the clutch cover is deformed or cracked, and the window hole is worn.

When the tractor clutch is repaired, the detection of the damage of the active disc is mainly based on visual inspection. The maintenance of the active disc mainly includes the following two points:

(1) If the clutch pressure plate has cracks, defects, or the thickness after grinding is smaller than the limit size, it should be replaced with new parts in time. If there are problems such as ablation, cracking or wear groove depth exceeding 0.5 mm on the surface, or when the plane tolerance exceeds the service limit, the clutch pressure plate can still be used after being smoothed by polishing.

(2) When the matching clearance between the driving disc and the transmission pin is greater than 1.00-1.50 mm, it should be repaired in time.

Details can be accessed here:https://www.syclutch.com/news/tractor-clutch-repair.html