What is mobile shelving system?

Mobile racking, also known as mobile shelving or compact shelving, is a storage system that maximizes storage space by eliminating wasted aisles. The primary advantage of mobile racking is that it allows for the storage of more items in less space. Here are some of the key benefits of mobile racking:

Increased storage capacity: By eliminating the need for fixed aisles between each row of shelving, mobile racking can increase storage capacity by up to 50% compared to traditional shelving systems.

Better space utilization: Mobile racking can be designed to fit the specific dimensions of your storage area, maximizing the use of available space. This makes it ideal for smaller spaces or areas with irregular dimensions.

Improved accessibility: With mobile racking, you can easily access any item in your storage area. The system can be designed to allow for easy movement of the shelves, giving you immediate access to any item.

More detailed information about the advantages of mobile shelves can be accessed by clicking:https://www.etegreen.com/blog/advantage-of-mobile-racking/