Good Manufacturers Recommendation——Clutches

Chongiqng Nanyang Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd., is subordinate to China South Industries Co., Ltd., and obtained the ISO9002 QC qualification in Oct, 1999. Since the year 1985 to start mass production of motorcycle clutches, they have owned the annual production capacity of 3 million sets up to now, covering all the mainstream motorcycle models with a variety of products line ups.

Their manufacturing machines include: 1 unit of 550T Pressing Machine, 2 units of 400T Pressing Machine, 2 units of 200T Pressing Machine, 1 unit of Laser Welding Machine, 3 units Three Axis CNC Milling Machine, 3 units of 50T Hydraulic Pressing Machine, 1 unit of Rotary Forging Riveting Machine, 30 units of CNC lathe, 2 units of Multi Head Drilling Machine, 1 unit of Multi Head Tapping Machine, 5 units of Cleaning Machine and 2 units of Shot Blasting Machine, moreover, they have a Inspection Center with various types of Inspection Instruments, all of which just lay the solid foundation for their supreme products quality.

Machines only cannot lead to good products, and the people who control the machine is more important in a way. Due to the good management, the stable and proficient production workers team is another strength which gives more competitive edge to them.

95% of the whole parts of a clutch are produced by themselves with strict QC. Therefore, They are serving most of the famous motorcycle brands in China like Haojue, DAYANG, Zongshen, Locin, DAYUN, HaoJin, etc., as the OEM parts supplier. Beside the domestic market, their products are also exported to many countries in Europ, America, Africa and South East Asia. They have become an outstanding professional motorcycle clutches supplier with integrated capability of R&D, Manufacturing and Sales.

We Luoyang Doer Trading Co., Ltd. cooperates with them as their oversea sales agent. We directly sell the products with their EXW prices. If you feel interested, please feel free to contact us!