Motorcycle Parts Suppliers in China

In China, there are mainly three types of suppliers for both two wheel motorcycles and tricycles (three wheel motorcycles).


The first one is the cycle-assembler. For example, Zongshen, Locin, DAYANG, they manufacture some key parts like frames, crankcase covers, cylinders, as well as purchasing most of the parts from their own Procurement Systems(OEM Suppliers), and then assemble the CBU in their own factories. When customers need some spare parts, except the few parts produced by themselves, mostly they will purchase from their OEM suppliers and then add around 30% profits and sell to the customers as Genuine Parts (Original Parts).

Advantages: You can purchase various types of spare parts from it; they are always Genuine Parts.

Disadvantages: The price is higher.


The Second one is the Parts Manufacturers. These are often big manufacturing companies who specialize in producing one kind of part. For example, from a bearings manufacturer, you can get bearings with a variety of specifications. But this is only applicable for big companies who can make exportations by themselves. For some medium-sized factory, generally they just mainly focus on manufacturing instead of paying efforts in oversea sale, while this kind of factory take the majority in China.

Advantages: For a certain kind of part, you can get preferred specification, and the reasonable price.

Disadvantages: You cannot get all the kinds of parts you need; the purchase should be in big volume.


The Third one is the Trading Company. They often have comprehensive connections with many parts manufacturers, even the medium or small sized factories who can produce good parts with cheaper price but don’t export by themselves. Such trading company can offer one-stop purchase service and more flexible customization production to the customers. Moreover, due to the low operation cost, the prices are often competitive.

Advantages: one-stop and customized purchase service with reasonable prices; efficient search to select the suitable parts for you.

Disadvantages: you may not know where the factory is


You can choose the proper way for your own importation. It is suggested as the followings:

  1. If you are importing CBU or KD parts (for final assembly in final destination) from a cycle-assembler(like Zongshen, Loncin, DAYANG or some others). For spare parts used for after sale market of your cycles, you can consider to use another two ways for your purchase. A specialized parts manufacturer or a believable trading company can supply the parts with same quality, what’s more important, with cheaper prices.
  2. If you are an importer and distributer for some appointed parts only, for example, batteries, tires, chains, clutch plates, brake pads, etc. You can choose the big specialized manufacturer as your supplier.
  3. If you almost need all the parts for a cycle, or you need some parts with better Cost Performance. No doubt that a trading company is your best choice.


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