What factors will affect the heat sealing effect of valve bag making machine

The valve pocket bag making machine can bond the bottom by heat sealing and gluing. At present, the heat sealing process is widely used in the market. Many factors will affect the heat sealing effect of the valve bag. Factors will affect the heat sealing effect of valve bag making machine!

Factors affecting the heat sealing effect of valve bag making machine

1. Heat sealing layer material

The type, quality and thickness of the heat-sealing layer material have a decisive influence on the heat-sealing strength. The thickness of the heat sealing layer material is generally between 20 and 80 μm, especially 100 to 200 μm. The commonly used heat sealing materials for composite packaging include CPE, EVA, CPP, hot melt adhesive and other blending modified films or ionic type. Resin co-extrusion. The heat sealing strength of the same heat sealing material increases with the heat sealing thickness, and the thicker the surface layer material, the greater the heat sealing strength.

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2. Heat sealing temperature

The heat sealing temperature affects the direct heat sealing strength, and the unevenness of the melting temperature of various materials directly determines the heat sealing temperature. The practically selected heat-sealing temperature is often higher than the melting temperature of the heat-sealing material, which is affected by the heat-sealing pressure, the bag-making speed and the thickness of the composite substrate. The smaller the heat sealing pressure, the higher the required heat sealing temperature; the faster the machine speed, the higher the required heat sealing temperature. If the heat-sealing temperature is lower than the softening point of the heat-sealing material, it is difficult to make the heat-sealing layer truly seal. If the heat sealing temperature is too high, it will reduce the heat sealing strength of the seal and the impact resistance of the bag, and it is easy to damage the melt extrusion of the heat sealing material at the welding edge.

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