How to prevent the spontaneous combustion of oil tank trucks in summer?

Oil tank truck is a special transportation tool for loading oil products. Because one of the characteristics of oil products is that it can ignite and catch fire at high temperature, oil tankers are generally produced with good materials to ensure that the oil products inside can be avoided. adversely affected by external factors. So how should a fuel tanker prevent spontaneous combustion in the summer when the temperature is very high?

How to prevent spontaneous combustion of Oil tank truck  in summer

oil tank truck

1. Do not modify without authorization

Every component and structure of the tanker is specially designed, and has also undergone various tests to ensure safety. However, if the oil tank truck is modified without authorization during use, there will be It may cause damage to the oil circuit and circuit in the car. For example, the modified circuit and equipment used do not match the power and capacitance, which will lead to fire and spontaneous combustion.

2. Do a careful inspection

Because the temperature in summer is too high, especially when exposed to the sun at noon, the ground temperature can even be as high as more than 50 degrees Celsius. In this case, if the tanker is loaded with oil products, the driver must do it before leaving the car. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure that there are no abnormalities in the electrical appliances and wiring of the tanker, as well as the fuel supply system. In addition, a fire extinguisher that has undergone safety monitoring is also required.

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