How to choose electric tricycle? Let us tell you that these five accessories are enough

In recent years, electric tricycles have developed rapidly, and their popularity has increased by one year. However, when purchasing electric tricycles, many users still have this question: so many tricycles, how to choose configuration?

In fact, for this issue, you only need to take a look at the following five accessories to judge the pros and cons.

First of all, the first thing to look at is the motor and battery. As the two core parts of the electric tricycle, its quality directly affects the performance of the electric tricycle. Take the battery as an example. The larger the capacity, the longer the battery life of the electric three wheeler, and the smaller the capacity, the shorter electric tricycle battery life is shorter.
In addition, the battery brand is also very important. Generally speaking, high-quality electric three wheeler will use first- and second-tier batteries in the industry, which not only guarantees after-sales service, but also has better battery life and performance.
Whether it is a tricycle or a two-wheeled vehicle, the high-quality electric vehicle frame is relatively strong. If you are a novice, you can look at the thickness of the pipe and choose a relatively thick one. Generally speaking, the thicker the pipe, the better the quality of the frame. Of course, the heavier the electric three wheeler is and the better the quality.
The quality of the frame is not only related to the load-bearing capacity of the entire electric three wheeler, but also directly determines the safety of the whole vehicle. Inferior frames often have insufficient load-bearing capacity and are more likely to break. There is a high safety hazard and a high probability of accidents. Be sure to pay more attention when purchasing.
For headlights, high-quality electric three wheelers will use lens LED headlights, which can illuminate longer and brighter at night, while inferior electric three wheeler will only use ordinary headlights, which are not only not bright enough, but also easy to appear. Failure, changing the lamp back and forth is time-consuming and costly.
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