What are the main spare parts for vibrating screens?

Vibrating screens are widely used in various industries for separating and grading materials based on size. These screens consist of multiple components that work together to perform the screening process efficiently.

The main parts of a vibrating screen

High Frequency Dehydration Vibrating Screen

Screen Mesh:

The screen mesh is a crucial component that defines the aperture size through which the material passes. It determines the size of particles that are allowed to go through the screen.

Screen Frame:

The screen frame supports the screen mesh and holds it in place. It is typically made of metal and provides structural integrity to the entire vibrating screen.

Vibrator Assembly:

The vibrator assembly contains eccentric weights that generate vibratory motion to the screen. This motion facilitates the movement of particles on the screen surface, promoting effective screening.

Drive Unit:

The drive unit is responsible for generating the power necessary to operate the vibrator assembly. It may include an electric motor, a belt drive, and other components.

Linear vibrating screen


Springs are used to support the entire vibrating screen and absorb vibrations, ensuring smooth operation and reducing stress on other components.

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